We started with a café in 2001, GoodOnYa deli. Prior to that I played field hockey for the US National Team for 11 years.

As an Olympic athlete healthy food was obviously a big part of my life. Or so I thought.  Back then I equated being thin and fit with health. I was an Olympian so obviously what I was doing was working. Right?

It’s simply amazing the human body can endure so much. 8 hours on the field a day, weights, track workouts, all fueled by processed grains, factory farmed meat and sugary, soy protein energy bars!

And Gatorade! With 30-40g of sugar in 16.9oz bottle we consumed near 200g of sugar some days. Holy ^&%!

There were 8 Mc Donald’s in the US Olympic Village in 1996. That isn’t odd considering they are a massive Olympic sponsor. What you might find odd is that they were full of athletes! During the most important 2 ½ weeks of their athletic career they were eating fast food. Food was fuel to us. It was calories. It was energy.  Nutrition didn’t matter. By the way, we came in 5th and received a lovely participation medal.

Well on my way to adult onset diabetes and diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid) it was time to change things, and change fast. I went back to school for holistic nutrition. Now I was the one behind the counter serving up food to people that were becoming our friends. Once I went down the rabbit hole I knew I had to do better as a restaurant owner.

We revamped the menu and kicked out things like the pink, yellow and blue packets. We went almost entirely organic and Non GMO. We were always local, fresh and healthy but we went a little insane and started to look at every single ingredient in every product that came in our door. (side note: that should be the norm)

We could no longer stand there, take your money, and give you something to put IN YOUR BODY knowing what we knew.

I like to ask people “Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? (Matrix) Because once you know how truly awful our food system is there is no going back. You will be compelled to change so get ready”!

I suggest books, films and podcasts so they can start their journey. It’s a lot to learn and it can be confusing out there with 1000’s of companies making health claims and fad diets being marketed to us.

I like to reassure them this is doable. No need to freak out. As bad as the food system is, and I believe it’s as bad as it’s ever been in the history of humanity, there are companies fighting back. Find them, support them, dial in your products, and relax. It just takes a little research in the start.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to understand what REAL food is, to eat it, and not worry about too much else. There are a lot of things we can do to optimize health but if you started with a basic diet of REAL food you’d be 90% there.

Now, we’ve gotten ourselves into a real pickle. There are many people that have food allergies and 75 million with autoimmune conditions. Why is that relevant? Glad you asked. With approximately 80% of our immune systems IN our digestive system food is obviously part of the root cause here.

What was that Doctors name? You know the one, the founder of modern medicine? What was it he said? Oh yeah…..

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrtates

GoodOnYa bar and GoodOnYa hydrate are a natural extension of our deli. Our customers are always looking for something quick to grab. We bought a variety of bars over the years, the same ones I ate when I was an athlete, but we found ourselves bored and at times shocked with the ingredients. We didn’t even know what soy protein isolate was and it was in almost every bar we tried. We don’t like ingredients that aren’t directly from nature, call us crazy.  We just don’t think you should be eating things made in a lab from weird concoctions of genetically engineered powders and chemicals.

Our motto is “Every Ingredient Matters” an we mean it. This is REAL food. It’s food from nature. We have been so conditioned to look at the #’s in the nutritional panel that we have ignored what the actual ingredients are!

We have ignored what we are eating!

Read that again, we put stuff in our bodies and we don’t even look at what is it? Don’t you find that sort of shocking?

We look for low calorie food. Or fat free food. Why would you want to pay for nothing? First of all it’s not even REAL food, so no matter the perceived deal, it’s actually a waste of money. And sometimes even harmful.

Instead of counting calories we need to count nutrients, that is where the value is.

So…this is who we are. You can trust us and that means more to me than any amount of money. We work all day, we surf, we run and we even skate board. Then sleep well at night. We love the people we work with and “job” and our life are intertwined in the most healthy way. We are in this together to do something positive.

When you buy something we’ve made this is who you are supporting.


“Every Ingredient Matters”… every single one… because You Matter.


Kristen Buchanan
-Founder of GoodOnYa