We are casual, caring nice people that are super into Organic everything. We surf when we can, we don’t travel enough, but thankfully we live in the best town in the world.


We do the things we do because we know food and because You Matter to us. We understand ingredients, allergies, and the way food is processed. In fact, we are obsessed with it. We live, breathe and love this town. When we decided to open here, among our friends, there was only one way to do it.....

100% Non GMO / 99% Organic and as local as possible.

People have told us how amazing we are, and although that is kind; we think it's the wrong way to think about it. It's not amazing. It's the way ALL food should be.
Organic and REAL.


Kris Buchanan C.N. - Founder & CEO
Bren Buchanan - Owner. Surfer.
Christy Lang - Store Manager
Brook - Barista Extraordinaire
Kyle Fillat. Nephew. Register & Numbers Genius.
Abel - Passionate Cook / Passionate Fisherman
Deni - Head Server
Betty - All Smiles
Eliza - Server
Julio - Cook (been with us since Day 1!)
Rudy - Smoothie / Prep Expert