Established in San Diego in 2001, our brand is all about making REAL food that helps you feel GOOD. We are crazy passionate about sourcing the very best ingredients for our customers and creating a community of awesome people.

Our eatery is located on 101 in beautiful Encinitas, CA. We are a full-service restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we have a 100% Organic Coffee Bar if you’re looking for a quick cup to go. We have the absolute best wine menu in San Diego, in our humble opinion. Featuring 100% organic and biodynamic wine. You will not believe the difference in how you feel when you drink truly natural wine.

We also make our own products. Our best-seller is HYDRATE, a Certified Organic Electrolyte + Mineral powder that is – true to our brand – sourced from only the best and REAL ingredients. You can buy HYDRATE on our website, Amazon and of course in The Eatery.

Our Founder

Hi! I’m Kris. Some people think I am a crazy, perfect, healthy eater- but no one is. What I AM crazy about is making food + drinks + products that help you feel GOOD.

It’s been quite a journey, we are 18+ years into this madness and 2019 was a particularly special chapter. But let’s back it up a bit…..

My former life was spent as an Olympic athlete. As an athlete, I ate lots of processed carbs, fast food and a ridiculous amount of sugar, mostly in the form of sports drinks. Why? Because when you are young, fit and an Olympian, you can… and you burn it off!

But high intensity exercise + processed food + sugar = a dangerous combination for the immune system.

In 2007, it all came crashing down in the form of a few autoimmune disorders. Celiac and Hashimotos crushed my energy. I was also severely hypoglycemic, sugar was creating havoc in my body.  Talk about a wake-up call! I went back to school for holistic nutrition and learned that 80% of my immune system is IN my digestive tract. Yikes! It’s not a hard line to draw that food is a major contributor to our overall health. It’s pretty crazy we don’t learn that in school, and even chefs and restaurants owners do not think of food in this way. For us it’s about nourishment, not just flavor. But the GOOD news is, when you work with simple, real, organic food the flavor is naturally awesome.

So, as food maker, it was time to step up my game. I revamped everything I could personally in my life and in the restaurant.


Kris Fillat - Buchanan
Olympic Games - Atlanta 1996

I created the menu around all my favorite things; hamburgers, tacos, salads, coffee…… but in GOOD-for-you, REAL food versions. I also wanted these things to travel with me, which is why I created GOODONYA®
HYDRATE. It’s the answer to one of the products that sent my health down the wrong path. No more sugary, toxic sports drinks! I can’t wait for you to try it.

Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession – your health.

Kris Buchanan C.N., OLY
Founder & CEO – GOODONYA®

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