Immunity Week 8- Hydration

We’d be dead in a few days without water.

No one knows the exact time obviously, it’s not like they can do a study.

NASA: "About 70 percent of the human body is made up of water and, coincidentally, more than 70 percent of Earth is covered in water. Without water, cells within the human body would die. None of the essential physical functions, such as breathing, digestion, or muscle movement could take place without water." This is such a cool article.  

We know electrolytes are needed as well to be hydrated, but do we REALLY know what they are and how we get them? I think It is quite amazing we do not think much about minerals; vitamins seem to get all the love. It’s impossible for me to tell you all the things minerals do, just know that 95% of the activities going on in our body require them.🤯

It would stand to reason that the ones we choose to put in our body matter quite a bit.


  • All electrolytes are minerals, but not all minerals are electrolytes.
  • Key Electrolytes are calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphate, magnesium and chloride.
  • There are Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals. Our bodies need more of the macro and less of the trace. Duh.
  • We do not make minerals in our body so we must get them from the food we eat and the water we drink.
  • There are natural minerals and processed minerals.
  • Minerals have a pretty small range for optimal levels in our body.  Too little and you can die. Too many and you can die. For reals.  Remember that point!

Look, I know these emails are long, but they won't always be. They take me days to write and my team yells at me for not meeting our deadlines. But I want you to know what I have learned. I care about what we do at GOODONYA and I care about you.

Just know these 3 things

  1. We need quality, natural water (that is spring water in my opinion)
  2. We need quality, natural minerals/electrolytes
  3. We need both DAILY

You can stop reading now if you wish, but what fun is that?

Ok, awesome. You want to learn more. Woo! Lets start here:


  • 55 years ago doctors in Florida created Gatorade. 🧪
  • About 2 billion years ago the earth created water.


Sports drinks have created a massive problem in the world. Plastic, chemicals, sugar.... yes....but I am talking about the cultural thinking around one of our most basic needs, staying hydrated. Sports drinks have become synonymous with electrolytes and hydration. They have created confusion and led us so far off the rails that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Sports drinks sold $24 billion in 2019 and increasing every year.

I always assumed the first version of Gatorade was natural. Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Sugar.

But when I read this book, First in Thrist, I was shocked. It was artificial from the start. Makes sense, it was made in a lab. 🧪

Electrolyte drinks are also used for hangovers and when we were sick. Welcome Pedialyte, greatest scam ever. Marketed to parents for their sick kids, same horrible ingredients, and a lot more expensive.

Processed minerals are dangerous. And sugar is a major concern with these drinks. Salty water doesn't taste great. The creators of Gatorade realized that from the first batch. So now these drinks claim you need sugar to hydrate better and faster. One of the leading electrolyte powders has 11g sugar in a 16g packet. No offense, but what's the rush?  When you chug these sugary drinks your body can't possibly release enough of the enzymes it takes to break all that sugar down. Therefore you end up with diarrhea and possibly dehydration.

But don't fret.... there is Pedialyte for that.


These drinks were a part of my professional life as an athlete. We were told they were as important as any other piece of equipment. If we even let ourselves get thirsty it was too late, we are already dehydrated. And once dehydrated our performance would decrease at least 50%.

You can’t tell that to an Olympian and expect them not to take it seriously. Water alone wasn't enough they told us, we need this. And bonus, it was free, thanks Coca Cola.

32oz bottle of PowerAde • Owned by Coke • One of the largest Olympic Sponsors ⬇️

  • 50.5g/sugar.  #notatypo
  • Artificial Colors made from petroleum
  • Artificial Sweeteners that have been linked to cancer
  • Artificial Preservatives – bet you’ve never even heard of those right!?
  • GMOs – don’t get me started
  • Sodium -  375mg of the wrong salt!
  • Serving Size – Super deceptive. “2.5 servings” Seriously! What kid doesn’t finish the bottle?
  • Electrolytes - Individual, ultra-processed minerals.

GO USA 🇺🇸 Good luck!

Pedialyte ⬇️

  • They break their serving sizes into 3 and the bottle is only 12oz. Come on!
  • Yup, those are artificial sweeteners in a drink marketed to kids to use when they are sick.
  • Along with 25g of sugar
  • Artificial colors that are petro based
  • Picture of a strawberry and then the statement “NO FRUIT JUICE”
  • Individual, ultra-processed minerals

When we are sick the last thing our immune system needs is to be challenged by food made in a lab just to get some electrolytes into us.

You might be thinking........... who drinks this stuff?

Here is a review on Pedialyte from Walmart's Website. ⬇️

This woman's husband is getting 100-125g sugar/day.



  • We use Himalayan Pink Salt but any whole food, natural salt has 70+ minerals and all of the electrolytes you need in the ratio that nature created.
  • Organic food has more minerals than commercially farmed conventional or GMO food.
  • Spring water is the best water source for natural minerals.
  • Natural Salt (not sodium chloride) helps balance blood pressure vs raising it.

If you have aging parents that do not drink enough water or haven't salted their food since 1950 for fear of a heart attack, they are in danger of having LOW blood pressure. That leads to getting dizzy which can lead to them falling down. Doctors are actually prescribing sports drinks to them.

  • Get them to salt their food with the GOOD stuff.  
  • Make them a pitcher of HYDRATE for their fridge.
  • Put a pitcher of water in the fridge or on the counter with a pinch of Himalayan salt. The pitcher will give them a visual on what they need DAILY. You can also try a large reusable water bottle - "Make sure you drink one of these every day mom"

Salt used to be worth its weight in gold, literally. Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in salt, it's where the word salary come from.

Let me tell you are worth your weight in salt.


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