After years as an Olympic athlete drinking sport drinks that are full of way too much sugar, my immune system crashed. Many of these “so-called” best hydration drinks’ claim to be the best way to hydrate when, in fact, the ingredients can cause harm to your body.

After I retired I struggled to drink enough water and remained chronically dehydrated. One of the questions many women often ask is “how much water should a woman drink a day”? I was there. I just couldn’t get enough water to get my body to recover from dehydration.

Growing up on sports drinks that had 40g/sugar in a 20oz bottle, I was addicted to sugar, but didn’t know it! Even the “sugar-free” sports drinks aren’t really free of sugar, they just have a different kind of sugar.

I searched for a better hydration drink for myself because hydration is crucial for immunity, but couldn't find it. I was shocked at what the so-called “natural hydration drink” brands were offering compared to the major sports drinks. They still had too much sugar, they weren’t organic and they used flavorings, which to me are fake tasting. Most hydration drinks are not healthy. They are not the best way to hydrate your body!

I strongly believe you must hydrate yourself. So I just decided to make my own completely organic, truly natural hydration drink. I set out to make the best hydration powder possible. You can call it my first homemade hydration drink.


  • Ours is: GF, vegan, plant-based, paleo-/keto-friendly. 

  • Ours is: Real food for humans. Organic, non-GMO. 

  • Ours is: Free of soy, gluten, dairy, MSG, stimulants.

  • Ours is: Free of artificial colors or artificial sweeteners

  • Ours is: Free of “Artificial Flavors”, “Natural Flavors”, or even “Organic Flavors.”

PRO TIP: There is nothing natural about ‘natural flavors’! They are made in a lab! So beware of “natural” hydration drinks.

We LOVE our planet and we are so not into single-use plastic! Think about this… just one of our HYDRATE travel bags saves 20 single-use plastic bottles and lids from existing and maybe ending up in our waterways.

How can you use HYDRATE?

You can use our electrolyte powder whenever or wherever you want, that is the best part of HYDRATE. And our HYDRATE bags are environmentally friendly, and resealable, which is great on the go and just in general, so you not only feel GOOD, but you are doing GOOD. Here are a few ways we recommend you use HYDRATE:

  • On the GO - Make a bottle of our homemade electrolyte drink before you leave the house! It’s easy to whip up and it will help you feel good whether you are going to work, running errands, shopping, or just need to get out.

  • Travel - Perfect for packing in your suitcase, because it doesn’t take up a ton of space, it will get through airport security, and you can stay hydrated before, during, and after your flight. We always travel with our reusable bottle, so just grab some good water and shake it up and you are GOOD to go!

  • Kids - HYDRATE is great for kids! The electrolytes are a must for their growing bodies. Pack it in their lunch boxes, for their sporting events, or make them into popsicles after a long day at the beach. It tastes just like lemonade, minus all the junk!

  • Sports - Before, during, and after, any sporting activity, our hydration powder is the best for keeping you hydrated, healthy, and strong, however, you are trying to stay active. Running, biking, surfing, walking, swimming, baseball, basketball, it is good for ALL of you living a healthy active lifestyle.

    HYDRATE is the BEST sports drink for hydration!

When to HYDRATE? 

Anytime really. We recommend that you hydrate daily to prevent dehydration, why not feel GOOD every day! 

Here is a list of when you should HYDRATE yourself:

  • When you are starting your day

  • If you’re feeling sick

  • When you travel 

    • Did you know that at about 5000+ feet you lose more moisture through your skin and breathing than you do normally at sea level? On a 10-hour flight, you can lose as much as 1-2 liters of water???

  • If you’re living, playing or visiting high altitudes

  • When you’re pregnant or nursing. Hydration is a lifesaver for morning sickness.

  • Sip while you’re having fun in the sun

  • Night or day drinking...don’t worry….. we don’t judge…

Pro Tip: Chug a glass before bed and upon waking to avoid the hangover and feel oh so GOOD!

How do you make HYDRATE? 

HYDRATE comes as a hydration drink powder mix in a reusable bag

Follow these simple tips below to make HYDRATE on the go...

  • Fill your reusable water bottle ¼ of the way with water

  • Add powder and shake, shake, shake - this is real food people, so shake it like you mean it! 

  • Once dissolved, top off with cold water.

Where can you buy HYDRATE?

BUY it on our site HERE! We have two sizes that we offer: 
  • Travel Bag - 20 servings,  $1.45 per serving. 

  • Bulk Bag - 55 servings, which is only $1.07 per serving...AMAZING offer! 

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Quality over Quantity

The #1 thing I love to talk about with HYDRATE:

We have been duped into looking at the nutrition facts panel vs. the actual ingredients. Remember when we were obsessed with fat grams? It is important to look at sugar grams, that is still true! Sugar grams and ingredients, that is what I focus on. 

Look at the nutrition panel of other brands, they have “more” electrolytes and minerals than we do. Or do they?

Let’s start with the main electrolyte in most brands, Sodium Chloride. This is table salt. Duh, you know this. The way Sodium Chloride is made is scary. It has been shown to raise blood pressure and cause heart and kidney disease. They remove this one from whole food salt. It’s ultra-processed, mixed with anti-caking agents  (usually from GMO corn) and bleached so it looks pretty on the table. This is one mineral that has been stripped from a natural whole food salt.  This is something that nature never intended. And it’s why our bodies reject it. If you are dehydrated, will it hydrate you? Yes. But will it also cause harm? I believe so. 

Brands do this with the other major electrolytes and minerals they use as well. They are stripped-down versions of real food. They do this so they can make the nutritional panel numbers look how they want them to look. At GOODONYA I prefer our numbers to reflect the ratio that nature intended. 

These brands believe their product has the exact ratio for optimal hydration.  They claim they are the faster, quicker, stronger, and best hydration drink. They fight, they sue each other, and that is what happens when you are owned by the largest soda companies in existence. 

They told me as a young athlete that I could not perform without these hydration drinks. And if I let myself even get thirsty it was too late, my performance would decrease by 50%! When you tell that to a 17 year old Olympic hopeful, and give them a bright red bottle with 40g of sugar in it, you think they are going to drink water?

The marketing behind these brands is slick, I fell for it for years. They have a lot of money considering they sell $8B worth of these hydration drinks yearly! So it’s pretty easy to be fooled. Especially when you are young. Luckily, I am older, wiser, and healthier now……. and I got your back! 


For me, and everything we do at GOODONYA…... it’s about the actual ingredients, and quality over quantity.  I believe in the ratio that nature created! And if you read all this….. I know you do too.