Immunity Week 7 - Move Your Body

Hey Hey... Week 7. When I retired from playing field hockey I knew I had to find a form of exercise I loved. I knew i...

Immunity Week 6 - Stress

BEARS • STRAWS • MORMON MISSIONS • DISCUSSIONS This week we are going to: (1) Dive into what makes us stressed out, w...

Immunity Week 5 - Breathing

 Hi Guys: We talked about positive thinking in week one, how is that going?  This is the single biggest thing I think...

Immunity Week 4 - Sleep

😴💤🛌How long can you go without sleep? No one really knows. They can't do a sleep study and keeping pushing it because...

Immunity Week 3 - Sugar

  Ready to be blown away? The average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar/year. 3 pounds/week. Keep in mind this i...

Immunity Week 2 - REAL FOOD

Hi Peeps...How did week 1 go? Did you remember to track your thoughts? Are you thinking more positively?One trick I u...

Immunity Week 1 - Positive Thinking

Hi...So I woke up on Saturday with body aches, shortness of breath, and a low-grade fever.I said, "oh well, here I go...
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