Donation Requests.

Hi. Thank you for your interest in  sponsoring or donating to your event.

Please read carefully.

We are asked by over 100+ organizations yearly to make donations. Being a small, local business, this places a considerable financial burden on us, as well as a lot of time and emails. Emails make me crazy! 

In an effort to stream line the process this is how we handle all donation requests.
Please understand we can’t possibly say yes to everyone. We prioritize environmental and food related causes on a first come first serve basis. Please note we do not donate to any religious organization or religious based school.

(1) Send us a BRIEF email with description of your event or organization
If you do not receive a response, please accept our apology and lack of response as a no. All emails are read. You might have an event that is very much in line with our mission, but we have a yearly limit that we have committed to.

(2) We do not ship; all items must be picked up in the restaurant.

Raffle donations are what we can commit to. Those can include things like:
· A bag of our amazing Organic Electrolyte + Mineral powder called  Hydrate. $30
· Trucker Hat $10
· Restaurant Gift Card $20

(3) Upon approval, a letter with the above info must be emailed to before the donation can be picked up. That letter must be filled out entirely by you, with the amount we have donated. We do not fill out forms. If this can’t be accomplished, then we kindly ask you do not request a donation from us. Our form filling out days are over.

(4) Anytime  is written by your organization in promotional material or social media it must be written as one word, all capitals. If possible please bold the GOOD. A logo will be provided to you in your acceptance email.

(5) A social media post and/or story must be done and @goodonyaorganic has to be tagged. IG and FB are a priority for us.

Sorry if the tone of this seems short. We are trying our best to support our community and working hard to serve our customers in the restaurant.

Thanks for understanding. 

Kris Buchanan C.N., OLY 
Founder & CEO –

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