HYDRATE is a way to get minerals + electrolytes back into your diet from nature, not a lab. We combine Minerals + Electrolytes in their natural form with real, organic juice and the taste is fantastic.

To understand any food brand, you need to look no farther than the ingredients. For us, it’s all about nature and REAL food. We were on a mission to create something that tastes GOOD and makes you feel GOOD. When it comes to HYDRATE, we’ve nailed it with our ingredients. Well, we didn’t. Nature nailed it!

- We are Pink Salt vs Table Salt (sodium chloride).
- We are Coconut water for potassium vs potassium chloride.
- It’s not just about chugging the 3-5 main electrolytes found in most products. Nature gives us macro and trace minerals in real food, and we need them all, daily.
- Think organic lemons vs lemon flavoring. Flavorings are designed to overexcite the taste buds and create an unnatural expectation of flavor.
- HYDRATE is a just a touch of sweet with only 1g of sugar from the organic lemon juice.

How was HYDRATE created?

We think about electrolytes differently than EVERY other brand on the market.
And I mean, every single one. I created HYDRATE because all the other electrolyte powders or sport drinks do three things really wrong:

#1 Artificial or so called “natural” flavors
#2 Processed minerals in ridiculous amounts
#3 Offensive amounts of sugar

Why are HYDRATE’s minerals “low” compared to other electrolyte drinks?

We have an entirely different philosophy than every other brand. In the US we pay too much attention to the nutritional panel and the numbers and not the actual ingredients. We believe in quality over quantity.

HYDRATE is formulated with some of the most natural minerals on earth. Nature created the ratio we use. And nature belongs in our bodies. Think table salt (sodium chloride) vs sea salt. Sodium chloride is two extremely processed minerals. When you hear salt is bad for you, it’s this salt they are talking about. Truly natural salt is vital to our health we can’t live without it. Other brands might use 1000mg of sodium chloride and have “more” than us, but sodium chloride can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

When you consume unnatural levels of minerals it creates stress on your kidneys and can cause mineral imbalances. Minerals are so vital to our overall health that we leave the ratio to nature!

When should I drink HYDRATE?

HYDRATE is designed to drink DAILY, not as a 911 after you already have become dehydrated. But it is still the best option in that situation as well; because nature is always the best choice when it comes to our health.

When you consume quality water with truly natural minerals DAILY, dehydration is a thing of the past.

You do not need unnatural levels of electrolytes and minerals. The trick is quality water, natural levels electrolytes + minerals and a good DAILY habit.

How much HYDRATE should I drink in a day?

In general, you should have 1-2 servings daily for basic maintenance. Then, depending on how much you sweat and your activity level you can increase as needed. You can also have more if you are feeling under the weather, or your urine is dark in color vs pale yellow.

Because of the way we’ve formulated HYDRATE, it’s almost impossible to overdo it. We use electrolytes + minerals in their natural form and that is key!

How much is too much?

Water Intoxication can happen from drinking too much water too fast. Our kidneys can only clear out about a liter of water an hour. Too much water in the blood can also dilute our minerals + electrolytes. If your sodium drops too low you can get hyponatremia, the most common electrolyte disorder. You can get that from not consuming enough sodium or drinking too much water and flushing it out.

If too much or not enough can be life threatening, it’s so obvious right!?
Doesn’t true health always come back to moderation and balance?
And what place on earth is the best representation of balance?

Answer: Nature. A consistent stream of minerals + electrolytes in their natural state.

Combine with quality water is really all you need to master hydration.

Is HYDRATE safe for kids?

Yes, and minerals can help support their growing bodies. It can be hard to get kids to drink enough water, and this is where we shine.

- Kids love the REAL lemonade taste. We use real, organic lemon juice not lemon flavoring. The taste is out of this world.
- We have nothing artificial in any of our products.
- We are the ONLY Certified Organic and Certified Glyphosate Free electrolyte + mineral drink on the planet.
- Only 1g of sugar from the lemon juice.

HYDRATE is a total win for the family.

Can pregnant and nursing women use HYDRATE?

Yes. And while her body needs extra everything these days, she especially needs extra electrolytes + minerals can help with hydration.

Quality is critical at this time. HYDRATE is the ONLY Certified Organic + Certified Glyphosate Free electrolyte powder in existence.

HYDRATE can also help with morning sickness by putting the GOOD stuff back in, while also tasting great. It helps replenish and offers the body key nutrients it needs during this time.

Can diabetics drink HYDRATE?

With only 1g of sugar it’s the perfect drink for anyone that is trying to reduce their sugar consumption. Side note: Most products marketed to diabetics have artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Anyone paying attention to their health will want to look for low sugar AND organic options.

Is HYDRATE Gluten Free? YES!

Our HYDRATE Stick Packs are made in a dedicated Gluten Free facility and contain no ingredients or sub ingredients that contain gluten.

If you see this statement on some sizes “made in a facility that also processes wheat” - We have some sizes that are produced in a different facility. However, that facility currently has NO other products that contain wheat or gluten. It is possible in the future they will bring in a product that contains gluten, so we wanted to make sure our allergen statements on these bags are always true. If that facility brings in gluten, they have proper measures to avoid cross contamination. However, at that stage I have them test each batch just to make sure! Our founder has celiac, and this is important to her as well. Please feel free to reach out to see current status of these packages.

Does HYDRATE contain soy, dairy, MSG, or stimulants?

Nope and it never, ever will. We are one of the ONLY brands that goes the extra mile and is Certified Organic.

Is HYDRATE vegan/plant-based/paleo/keto?

Yes. It’s all those things. But more importantly, it’s organic and real!

Does HYDRATE contain added flavorings or colors?

Nope, we let nature do her thing. We use real, organic lemon juice and that’s it!

- Natural Flavors are VERY far from being natural.
- Organic Flavors aren’t any better.
- Artificial Flavors are straight up chemicals that don’t belong in our body.
- Artificial Colors are made from petroleum and have no place in any food product in our humble opinion. We used to think it was cool the way the big guys made professional athletes sweat neon green in a TV commercial……and then we got smarter. #notcool

Does HYDRATE have any artificial sweeteners or ingredients?

No way, not ever. You don’t even want to get me started on this one. Even in our restaurant has been yellow, pink and blue packet free since 2002!


Why Collagen + HYDRATE?

Collagen + HYDRATE is the hydration power duo you’ve been looking for. So many companies will tell you that you need absurd amounts of sugar to hydrate fast. They base this on the World Health Organization’s “oral rehydration solution” - ORS. This is a mixture of glucose and salt and they claim it’s as fast as an IV. While it’s true glucose can help transport the sodium into our cells, you don’t NEED sugar to hydrate.

Certain amino acids in collagen are also sodium transporters. So, if you are in a hurry, add collagen to your HYDRATE to get the sodium into your cells quicker.

What are the key benefits of Collagen?

Collagen is good for your hair, skin, nails, connective tissue, muscle function, immune system, gut, heart, hormones, sleep, inflammation, blood sugar glutathione. Wow right?! Collagen isn't a magic pill, but it is something most of us do not get enough of. Add it to your life and feel GOOD!

Where is your collagen sourced?

Almost every single collagen on the market is sourced from Brazil, where it’s extremely likely cows are fed GMO grains. We only source from Australia and New Zealand where the cows are truly 100% grass fed and finished. We believe this creates the cleanest collagen on the market. We also test every batch for residual pesticides and GMOs just in case.

In addition to avoiding GMOs, we also believe in taking care of our earth and the poor farming practices and constant deforestation in Brazil do not align with our values. There are 250 million heads of cattle in Brazil, more than people!



What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are vital to many key functions in the body, and they very importantly help with hydration.

Why do I need electrolytes + minerals?

Minerals are known as the foundation of all life. Electrolytes + minerals have 1000’s of functions in the body that it’s impossible to list them all. Magnesium can help with anxiety, act as a natural sleep aid, and helps with digestion. Electrolytes help prevent and treat hangovers and dehydration.

From your heart to your digestion to your brain, you need minerals. There are macro minerals and trace minerals. We have 70+ minerals in one tablespoon and all from nature!

When do we use electrolytes + minerals?

We need them DAILY to PREVENT dehydration to get much-needed minerals into your body. A glass or two of HYDRATE can help. Use extra if you are dehydrated, sick, crushed a workout, do hot yoga/sauna, fly, live at high elevation, after long walks on the beach, after Rose All Day, Taco Tuesdays and Beer30. Basically… you need them all the time! Really! 😊

How do I know if I’m low on electrolytes?

Similar to that of dehydration, low electrolytes can cause brain fog, lethargy, constipation, poor athletic performance, poor mental performance, poor focus. It goes on and on. Make electrolytes and hydration a priority in your life.

Wait, salt is a mineral.. but I thought salt was bad for me?

Yes and no, it depends on the source. When you’ve read salt is bad, this is referencing table salt (sodium chloride). It’s ultra-processed, bleached, contains anti-caking agents, usually from GMO corn and contains only 2 minerals: sodium and chloride. Pretty bad indeed!

HYDRATE contains Himalayan Pink Salt, one of the world’s most pure forms of salt. It naturally contains electrolytes + minerals in their whole food form. Ditch the guilt and rumors and start salting your food with the GOOD stuff. And never consume sodium chloride (table salt) if possible.

What is your source of Vitamin C?

Sadly, almost all ascorbic acid on the market is from corn.
Ours in Non-GMO corn and distilled down so there is 0 corn left in the finished product. The vitamin C is extracted out in a fermentation process, vs chemical solvents. Ascorbic acid and citric acid in products that are NOT Certified Organic can be from GMO corn.

That is one reason it’s so important to buy certified organic products, as there are no GMO’s allowed.

Why do you use ascorbic acid?

We use it because it helps preserve our real lemon juice. We use less than .01g.
If we used so called “natural" lemon flavoring, which I am sure would survive the zombie apocalypse, we wouldn’t need it. Brands also often use it because it adds tartness. They need to do that because they use flavorings that are fake.

Why not use a whole food-based Vitamin C like Camu Camu?

Fruit powders like this do not dissolve very well. Also keep in mind HYDRATE is an electrolyte + mineral product – we do not market this as a Vitamin product or good source of Vitamin C; nor do I want you taking HYDRATE for your Vitamin C. I am a big fan of real food sources for my Vitamin C.


We need to talk about sugar!

Please know that big food and the sugar industry put out a lot of the articles and studies we come across on social media. They are biased and have an agenda, which is to sell us their processed food!

Sugar in the “other” brands

Almost every electrolyte powder will tell you that "you need sugar to hydrate faster". They base this on the WHO's recipe called ORS - Oral Rehydration Solution. This was developed for people with life threatening diarrhea in 3rd world countries. It is a combo of salt, sugar and water and they say it’s proven to hydrate you faster than an IV.

A lot of us aren't educated on the negative effects of sugar, and furthermore we’re not reading the back of packages! Every single person I talk to that finds out one of our competitors is 68% sugar (11g of sugar in a 16g serving) is shocked.

I know RD's and MD's, Athletes, scientists, and brands will tell you that you need sugar to hydrate. You don't, you just don't. The LAST thing you should ever do is DRINK sugar.

So then, what about Stevia?

Our organic Stevia is water processed, steeped like a tea, and then dried. It’s an awesome way to get a little sweet without the negative effects of sugar.
And it tastes absolutely amazing when you do it the right way.

But… I hate the taste of stevia 😬

If you think stevia tastes bad, you probably haven’t had it the right way.

Other companies:
- Use way too much
- Use the wrong part of the plant
- Don’t use organic (nature always taste better)

- We use organic stevia without ANY additives
- We use the right part of the Stevia herb
- We process it naturally
- We use a tiny, tiny, tiny bit.

We KNOW you will be able to tell the difference, because HYDRATE tastes A.M.A.Z.I.N.G 😋

I heard stevia was an artificial sweetener?

Stevia is an herb. Some stevia (not ours) is chemically processed with petro-based solvents. SO, rest assured, ours is organic and all natural.


Helpful tips for mixing HYDRATE

Don’t stress about perfect measurements, HYDRATE tastes awesome at all different levels. Play around and you will find your happy place. Start with about one tablespoon for 12oz of water.

Some people add GOODONYA HYDRATE to sparkling water. Some add a dash of organic cranberry or tart cherry juice for a super charged (and delicious) lemonade.

Make HYDRATE at home for the day

- Take a small jar or glass and put a few ounces of water in
- Add HYDRATE (and collagen if you have it)
- Use a handheld frother and it blends in seconds
- Add mixture and cold water to your glass or water bottle

If you don’t have a frother…

- Fill your water bottle about ¼ of the way with cold water
- Add HYDRATE, shake hard till dissolved, top off with cold water
- Mixing HYDRATE in a full bottle water is the most difficult way to dissolve it because there is no space inside the bottle to break the powder up….. but it can happen with some effort and time. Space is key to break up any powder

Make HYDRATE on the go

- I always travel with a reusable bottle and our new HYDRATE Stick Packs!
- I buy a bottle of spring water and pour some water into my reusable bottle and follow the directions above
- If you don’t have a reusable bottle, take few sips of the full bottle of water and pour HYDRATE in and shake it like you mean it

Are you telling me I can come visit you?

Yes, that is what we are saying. We are real people in a real town making real food and drinks since 2001. Encinitas is one of the coolest towns on earth, plan a vacation and come break bread with us. We even have GF bread 😉

Fun Fact – NO Plastic!

We used to make GOODONYA HYDRATE in a plastic bottle that was ready to drink. But being in a single-use plastic bottle started to really bother us. We love our planet. They are saying that by 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean!

We also travel quite a bit and we needed to take this with us. We’ve researched some of the world's more pure and beneficial electrolytes + minerals and created this environmentally friendly, resealable package.

We also highly encourage you to only purchase our HYDRATE Stick Packs for your travels. Please use the loose powder bags for making HYDRATE at home.