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What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are essential for hydration.  

Why does my body need electrolytes?

Hydration is vital for overall health. Electrolytes + Minerals are responsible for 1000’s of processes in the body. Every single cell in our body depends on minerals to function properly.  

How do I know if I’m low on electrolytes?

Dehydration has a number of symptoms from brain fog, lethargy, constipation. Every organ in your body needs them, so the symptoms can be vast. You can also check the color of your urine, it should be clear vs dark yellow.   

What happens when your body is low on electrolytes?

You can become dehydrated.

What is a good electrolyte drink?

GOODONYA HYDRATE. It’s the most natural, certified organic, real food based and low in sugar. Oh and it tastes AMAZING. 

What is a healthy electrolyte drink?

GOODONYA HYDRATE. See above:) It’s all real food, and formulated not by me….. but by nature! It’s hard to sift your way through all the claims that brands make. Simply read the ingredients and check the grams of sugar. You got this!

Is electrolyte powder good for you?

Most are horrible for you. The #1 brand has 11g of sugar in a 16g serving! It’s also not organic, uses highly processed minerals as well as flavorings made in a lab vs real organic fruit.

Do electrolyte drinks make me urinate more?

The key is to not overload your body but drink a steady amount throughout the day. Going to the bathroom is also great because you get rid of toxins. Drinking too much plain water, especially filtered/tap/RO and actually deplete your ELECTROLYTES + MINERALS. When it comes to your health, think quality over quantity.

Can I drink electrolytes everyday?

Yes, and you need to. But only the GOOD stuff. Spring water is the best water to drink, but even that has less minerals than it used to. Our food also has less minerals. So I created HYDRATE to get you back to natural levels, unlike the major sports drinks that are as far from nature as something can be. 

What is the healthiest electrolyte drink?

GOODONYA HYDRATE. We have some of the most pure ELECTROLYTES + MINERALS on the planet. Only 1g of sugar from the organic lemon juice powder and we are Certified Organic. Are electrolyte drinks better than water? Depends. Some brands are toxic. Some water isn’t good for you. The highest quality combo is Spring Water + GOODONYA HYDRATE.

How can I get electrolytes without sugar?

You can add a pinch of GOOD salt to your water and your food. 

What is in electrolyte water?

Depends on the brand. Often brands use too much sugar, flavorings instead of real food and processed minerals like sodium chloride, vs whole food salt like Himalyian. Also some brands are just filtered tap water with added processed minerals. 

Most water brands and the major sports drinks are owned by the two largest soda companies in the world. 

What are symptoms of electrolyte imbalance?

The balance of minerals in the body is vital for health. This is one thing that is very wrong with typical electrolyte drinks. They only use the key electrolytes vs a whole food, real salt that is balanced by nature. 

What is the best electrolyte drink for adults?

GOODONYA HYDRATE. Nothing beats nature.

Can diabetics drink electrolytes?

It’s perfect for them with only 1g of sugar from the organic lemon powder. Most products marketed to diabetics have artificial sweeteners like sucralose. It’s also organic, unlike the majority of electrolyte powders on the market. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and anyone with autoimmune needs to keep their immune system strong. 

What is the best electrolyte drink for diabetics?

GOODONYA HYDRATE. No added sugar and positive for our immune system.

What is the best way to replenish electrolytes?

Spring water with an organic, real food source of quality MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES. Choose a drink with very little sugar, do not be fooled by the brands telling you that you need sugar. 

Do electrolytes help with morning sickness?

Absolutely! This is such a unique (awful) time. Putting the GOOD stuff back in, while also tasting great really helps replenish and offers the body key nutrients it needs during this time. Minerals are the foundation of all life, and you are creating a life inside you. I mean… wow! 

Can kids take electrolyte drinks?

Yes and their growing bodies need them, but beware of the drinks with artificial ingredients and too much sugar, they can actually do damage, as they did to me during my Olympic career.

Are electrolyte drinks bad for kids? I believe the major sports drinks are some of the most toxic products on the planet. 

Can kids take electrolyte drinks?

Yes and their growing bodies need them, but beware of the drinks with artificial ingredients and too much sugar, they can actually do damage, as they did to me during my Olympic career.

Are electrolyte drinks bad for kids? I believe the major sports drinks are some of the most toxic products on the planet. 

What is a good electrolyte drink for kids?

GOODONYA HYDRATE! It’s been shown that artificial colors can cause them to be overexcited. One of the major sports drinks has 40g of sugar in a 20oz bottle. The other major sports drink launched an “organic” version and they have 30g of sugar! It’s offensive and in my opinion criminal. 

Can a pregnant woman drink electrolytes?

Yes, and her body needs extra. But only the GOOD stuff during this critical time. 

Hydration + Dehydration + Hydration Drinks + Health

What drinks hydrate you the best

Drinks with quality, truly natural minerals and spring water. 

What is a good hydration drink?


What is a healthy hydration drink?

There aren’t many… as a holistic nutritionist I created GOODONYA HYDRATE because there wasn’t one single brand on the market that used real food and was certified organic and low in sugar. Not one! But now there is:) 

What are symptoms of dehydration?

Brain fog, lethargy, constipation, poor athletic performance, poor mental performance, poor focus. It goes on and on. Make hydration a priority in your life. 

What happens if you’re dehydrated?

Your body actually begins to shut down. You put stress on your organs and you can feel poorly mental and physically. 

Does hydration help morning sickness?

Absolutely. During this time it’s more important than ever to replace lost MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES and pure water. 

What is the best way to hydrate with morning sickness?

Try and stay hydrated throughout the day, not just after the morning sickness occurs. GOODONYA HYDRATED is formulated with very high quality MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES from nature. Unlike sports drinks that have too much processed minerals. Think table salt vs sea salt. When you drink too much sodium chloride you can become bloated and it can affect your blood pressure. It’s quality over quantity when it comes to MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES. 

How much water should you drink daily?

It totally depends on you and what you have going on. Some say to drink half your body weight in ounces daily. I like that. If you sweat, live at elevation, travel, are sick, do hot yoga, are hungover, are pregnant, have morning sickness… you need a little extra. Use the color of your urine as a guide. It should run pretty clear, not bright. 

How much water should you drink daily?

It totally depends on you and what you have going on. Some say to drink half your body weight in ounces daily. I like that. If you sweat, live at elevation, travel, are sick, do hot yoga, are hungover, are pregnant, have morning sickness… you need a little extra. Use the color of your urine as a guide. It should run pretty clear, not bright. 

When is the best time to drink water?

I love to start the day with a glass of spring water and GOODONYA HYDRATE or even just a squeeze of lemon. Since you just slept, for hopefully 8-10 hours, your body is thirsty. 

What is the best hydration drink for diabetics?

We are! All of us, and especially diabetics need real food! We need real drinks. We need organic and we need to minimize sugar as much as possible. 

What can diabetics drink for dehydration?

Spring water with a pinch of sea salt and lemon is a great drink for all of us. GOODONYA HYDRATE boosts you even more with coconut water powder for extra whole food potassium. And 2 kinds of natural, whole food based minerals with over 80 minerals and trace minerals, including all of the essential electrolytes. We add a dash, even less than a dash of organic, water processed stevia. Paired with our real, organic lemon juice powder, this creates a fresh, light, not too sweet lemonade. It’s awesome. 

What can I drink besides water while pregnant?

You will know what feels right and what you are craving. However, it’s never been more important to drink organic, real food based products than it is right now. You can add GOODONYA HYDRATE to sparkling water. Some add a dash of organic cranberry juice for a super charged cranberry lemonade. 


What is HYDRATE?

It’s the highest quality, cleanest hydration powder ever made in the history of the world (or at least that we’ve found).

We created Hydrate because all of the other electrolyte powders or sport drinks out there were made with artificial or “natural” flavors, anti-caking and flow agents, and often an offensive amount of sugar. For us, it’s all about nature and REAL food. We were on a mission to create something that tastes GOOD and makes you feel GOOD. When it comes to Hydrate, we’ve nailed it with our ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully curated and serves a nutritional purpose.

Does HYDRATE contain soy, gluten, dairy, MSG, stimulants, or any artificial ingredients? 

Ummmmmm. No!

Is HYDRATE vegan/plant based/paleo/keto?

Yes. It’s all those things. But more importantly, it’s organic and real!

Is it safe for diabetics?

It’s amazing for diabetics. With only 7g carbs per tablespoon and 1g of sugar, this is one of the only electrolyte drinks without toxic sweeteners that is low in sugar. And it’s organic! Too often diabetic products contain artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, which is chlorinated sugar!

How do I know how much to take?

YOU DO YOU!!!!! But in general you should have 1-2 servings daily for basic maintenance. Then, depending on how much you sweat and your activity level you can increase as needed. Also increase on days you fly in an airplane or are working/playing in high elevation. Did you know that at 5,000 feet you breathe out and lose more moisture through your skin than you do normally at sea level? On a long flight you can lose 1-2 liters of water! 

What are electrolytes and minerals and why are they beneficial?

Electrolytes + minerals have so many functions in the body that it’s impossible to list them all. To name a few, magnesium can help with anxiety, act as a natural sleep aid and helps with digestion. Vitamin C helps boost immunity and fight colds; Electrolytes help prevent and treat hangovers and dehydration.

From your heart to your digestion to your brain, you need minerals. There are macro minerals and trace minerals. Each day our bodies require about 100mg of Macro Minerals and less than 100mg of Trace minerals. We have 80+ minerals in one tablespoon, and all from nature! Read more about the benefits

When do we use electrolytes and minerals?

Use DAILY to PREVENT dehydration to get much-needed minerals into your body. A glass or two will do the trick. Use extra if you are dehydrated, sick, crushed a workout, do hot yoga/sauna, fly, live at high elevation, after long walks on the beach, after Rose All Day, Taco Tuesdays and Beer30. Basically… you need them all the time! Really! 😊

Other products have “more” eletrolytes than you do?

In the US we’ve paid too much attention to the nutritional panel and numbers than we have to the actual ingredients, it’s soooooooo time to change that. HYDRATE is formulated with some of the best minerals on earth. All whole foods and real salts. Think table salt vs sea salt. It’s quality over quantity. HYDRATE is also designed to drink DAILY, not as a 911 after you already have become dehydrated. But it is still the best option in that situation as well; b/c nature is always the best choice when it comes to our health.

Does HYDRATE have any artificial colors?

No way, no how! Artificial colors are made from petroleum and have no place in any food product in our humble opinion. We used to think it was cool the way the big guys made professional athletes sweat neon green in a TV commercial……and then we got smarter. #notcool

Does HYDRATE have any artificial sweeteners?

No way, not ever. You don’t even want to get me started on this one. Even in our restaurant Default Alt Tag for this page has been yellow, pink and blue packet free since 2002!

I have food allergies, is HYDRATE safe for me?

We make our product in a GMP certified facility, that means they do a really good job cleaning up and keeping cross contamination under control. However, they make a lot of other things, which is why there is a very large allergen statement on our package. They have been in business since 2003 and have received no complaints for cross contamination. And as a restaurant owner and food maker for over 18 years, we can say that is pretty impressive. But allergies are serious! But also note… we are made in our own separated room within the facility but you know, we are in CA and law suits are a real thing here, so this statement is to protect ourselves. I am the founder and I have Celiac and I drink HYDRATE daily.

One real allergen can be stevia, it’s a plant, and anaphylactic allergic reactions, although rare, can happen. Anyone with allergies to chrysanthemums, marigolds, ragweed or daisies are at greater risk of a reaction. We also use coconut in our formula and some people are allergic to that. Oh, and the other day someone came into the restaurant with a citrus allergy, that was a new one to me. Allergies are a direct response from the immune system, we all need to get back to as much REAL food as possible.

For any questions feel free to contact us directly so we can dive as deep as possible to alleviate any concerns you might have.

I heard stevia was an artificial sweetener?

Stevia is an herb. Some stevia (not ours) is chemically processed with petro based solvents. So what started out as a plant quickly changed into a bitter tasting, chemical, GMO mess. Our organic Stevia is water processed, steeped like a tea, and then dried. It’s an awesome way to get a little sweet without the negative effects of sugar.

Isn’t sodium bad for me?

Yes and no. When you’ve read salt is bad they are talking about table salt. It’s ultra-processed, bleached, contains anti-caking agents, usually from GMO corn and contains only 1 mineral: sodium chloride. Pretty bad indeed! HYDRATE contains pure Himalayan Pink Salt, one of the world’s most pure forms of salt. It naturally contains electrolytes + minerals in it’s whole food form. Ditch the guilt and rumors and start salting your food with the GOOD stuff. You are worth your weight in salt in after all!

Are you telling me I can come visit you?

Yes, that is what we are saying. We are real people in a real town making real food and drinks since 2001. Encinitas is one of the coolest towns on earth, plan a vacation and come break bread with us. We even have GF bread 😉

Fun Fact – No Plastic

We used to make GOODONYA for this page HYDRATE in a plastic bottle that was ready to drink. But being in a single use plastic bottle started to really bother us. We love our planet. They are saying that by 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean!

We also travel quite a bit and we needed to take this with us. We’ve researched some of the worlds more pure and beneficial electrolytes + minerals and created this environmentally friendly, resealable package which is great on the go.

How do I make this wonderful drink?

Grab the best water you can find, we love spring water. Mix in about a tablespoon for 16oz and shake. You can decide if you like it stronger or lighter and simply adjust the amount of powder. Our ingredients are REAL food, not flavorings and chemicals; and we do not use anti-caking agents. REAL food means you need to shake or stir a little longer.

And like all real food it takes a little extra time, but that’s ok, REAL is worth it! YOU are worth it.

Helpful Tips for Mixing HYDRATE:

MAKING A PITCHER – Think Sunday Meal Prep!

Put about 1/2 the bag of HYDRATE in a bowl and whisk it up to dissolve. It will take just seconds! Add enough water to make a concentrate or a ready to drink pitcher. Our standard recipe, using the 20-serving pouch, will take 40 cups of water. Don’t stress about perfect measurements. HYDRATE tastes awesome at all different levels. So play around and you will find your happy place.


Take your reusable water bottle, fill about ¼ of the way with water. Add HYDRATE, shake hard till dissolved, top off with cold water. Mixing HYDRATE with a full bottle water is the most difficult way to dissolve it b/c there is no space to break the powder up….. but it can happen with some effort and time. Space is key to break up any powder.

When I am home and making my 40oz reusable water bottle for the day… I use a small mason jar with about 1/3 of it full of water and 2 tablespoons of HYDRATE. Shaking it with space in a small jar mixes it perfectly in seconds! I even add 2 big scoops of collagen to the major jar, so there is a lot of powder and it takes me about 10 shakes. Easy Peasy.


I always travel with my 40oz reusable bottle and the HYDRATE travel pouch. I buy a bottle of spring water once through security and add follow the directions on the back of the bag. If you take a sip of the full bottle of water you and pour HYDRATE into that, there isn’t enough space to break it down. It can happen but it takes a lot time and effort. Works so much better my way, trust me:)