Why you need an electrolyte powder......and why us. 

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Drinking water is one of the best and most simplistic ways we can boost our health. When we are properly hydrated, our bodies function better and we feel better. Some people struggle to drink enough water, and most of us are drinking the wrong water. Tap, filtered, RO, purified all have the natural minerals stripped out. So you can drink and drink and actually end up depleting the much needed minerals in your body. 

We all need ELECTROLYTES + MINERAL  and our bodies do not make them. Just like vitamins, minerals help our bodies develop and grow, as well as about a billion other things. Since our bodies do not make them, we need to get them from our diet. They come from nature: the soil, our food, great spring water, and natural salt. But commercial/GMO farming has stripped the natural minerals from our soil. And bottled, purified, reverse osmosis water filters out natural minerals.

But it's more important that ever to choose the right one! Our immune system depends on them. 

Brands that are "natural" or even brands that are Non GMO Verified still contain chemical pesticides.  The word natural in the food industry has lost its meaning. Products that are made in a lab can claim they are natural ,and products with GMO's claim they are natural. 

Organic is not perfect, but it's the starting point for food and drinks. 

Benefits of proper hydration

Hydration affects almost every system in our body - from cardiovascular, joints, skin, our moods and energy, brain clarity, and sleep patterns.

ELECTROLYTES + MINERALS have so many functions in the body it’s impossible to list them all. One of my favorites is magnesium. It can help with anxiety, sleep, and digestion. 

PRO TIP: Electrolytes can help with hangovers, or so I've heard.😜 

We use ELECTROLYTES + MINERALS that nature creates, not a lab. Think sea salt vs table salt. Sea salt, and what we use, Himalayan Pink Salt, has 70-80+ minerals, including all of the electrolytes that exist on the planet. Table salt has 2 - sodium & chloride. It's also been mixed with anti-caking agents, sometimes from GMO corn.  Salt from nature has been shown to balance blood pressure, and table salt raises it.  

GOODONYA is a nature inspired brand to our core. 

Why is our HYDRATE the best in the universe?

  • We are one of the only electrolyte powders that is Certified Organic.
  • We use some of the most amazing natural ELECTROLYTES + MINERALS on the planet. 
  • We do not add sugar, nor do we claim you need sugar to hydrate faster. It's not about fast, it's about quality. It's about nature. 
  • I suffered the negative consequences of sugary sports drinks after drinking them for 20+ years, from little league to the Olympics - all that sugar really did a number on me. One 20oz bottle of the sports drink they gave us at the Olympic training center has 40g/sugar; and sometimes we drank 2-3/day. 

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