GOODONYA Touch Less Window

Stay @ home CA… but eat GOOD food:)

We are still open, but only via our Touch Less window!  The GOLD standard is for you to Order Online and come pick up in the window. That minimizes time you are there and our interaction with you, as well as your interaction with others in line.

A note about guilt and stress and our system from Kris: 

Every day, it seems hour by hour, I’ve been thinking……..

Should we stay open? Is it irresponsible? How can we keep our community safe? My staff safe? Should I work more to save money or give my staff hours?

I sat in the cafe on Sunday, just 5 days ago. The coach who recruited me to college and gave me a full scholarship was in town and wanted to see GOODONYA. She changed the course of my life and gave me the opportunity to go to college, something I would have never been able to afford.

As I sat there, only 5 days ago, our Sunday brunch was only half full, it seemed eerie. We opened on Monday, still with dine in service, and then early in the day decided to move to “to go/delivery” on Tuesday. Even with people picking up their orders, they still wanted to sit down outside. Or they were hanging around inside, waiting for their order, or just wanting to talk.

So yesterday we decided to kick you out;) This is more than is required, but I feel it’s the right move. For your own GOOD and our GOOD too.

Here are some of the things we have implemented:

  • Touch Less Window Pick Ups
  • Curbside for Phone in’s and Online Orders
  • Touch Less Payment Processing
  • Wiping menus with vinegar, essential oils and alcohol after EVERY use
  • Sanitizing the bag handles

Now we have to touch your boxes and wrap your sandwiches and pour your coffee…. But we are keeping our staff and inside totally sanitized, so any item that leaves our restaurant is as clean as we can make it. That is why it’s so helpful to keep the community out of the restaurant.

Things to think about when picking up.

  • It REALLY helps us when you Order Online and Pay in Advance. You can even order from your phone while standing right outside.
  • Please maintain social distancing while in line.
  • Please take your food back home, do not stay and eat. (It’s not allowed)
  • Please do not ask us to take back your trash after you have finished something. (see point above)
  • Please do not ask us for samples/taste the soup etc.
  • Please be patient. We have had to change almost every internal system to operate in this way.

Understand the staff will be stressed at times, they are working with less support than normal and having to learn new ways of doing things on the fly. 99.9% of you are so damn amazing. The tips have been out of this world, the smiles and gratefulness are keeping us going.

Just like every single ingredient that comes through our doors…. I am thinking about every single thing we can do to protect you! And us.

A billion thanks for all your support.

Love, Kris & the Team 🧡

Ps, Wow. A super long email just on how to order food;) Sorry about that.

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