Update from the GOODONYA team regarding COVID-19

To our amazing customers.

We feel it is our responsibility to write to you in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, to communicate the measures we are taking at GOODONYA and some thoughts on the stress around the topic.

With the spread of the virus, we have taken extra precautions to ensure we are doing everything we can to provide a safe space for our employees to work and for our guests to dine.

(1) Our employees cannot work if they are sick. Simple as that.

(2) We wash our hands regularly, every time we interact with our guests, and every time we clear items away from our guests.

(3) We sanitize and disinfect tables between guests and are spraying doors, handles and counters hourly with alcohol and essential oils.

(4) We have removed tables/chairs in our dining rooms to create additional space between guests.

(5) We follow all recommendations from our health officials as well as all CDC recommended guidelines.

We send this message not to alarm anyone, but rather to reassure you that we take this very seriously, and are working hard to create a safe space for all to enjoy. Restaurants are one of the most regulated business you will find, with regular Health Department visits and incredibly tight controls, we are one of the industries that is arguably most prepared to keep our guests and employees safe in a moment like this.

We fully believe in the power of real food. Positive thinking can actually help your immune system. Be gentle with yourself, limit sugar, processed foods and alcohol. I love things like organic whole food versions of vitamin C, organic bone broth, organic essential oils, organic raw honey, and staying hydrated with pure minerals and spring water.

If you aren’t feeling well, please do not go into public places. Stay home and take care of yourself.

Please consider using Door Dash for food delivery.


Kris, Bren and the Crew.

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