Hydration is one of the most important things that we can do for our bodies. Portable hydration or electrolyte powder mixes are one easy way to maintain hydration on the go. There are powder packets, scoopable packs, and electrolyte tablets that you can throw in your gym bag or purse for easy access to them when needed.

However, it's important to remember that just like sports drinks, all electrolyte powder mixes are not created equal. HYDRATE is by far the best as it contains only the best, most pure organic ingredients and has only one gram of sugar per serving that comes from dehydrated lemon juice. Only the purest, whole food forms of electrolytes and minerals are used in HYDRATE, so you know that you are drinking a quality product every time you HYDRATE.

Here are some benefits of using an electrolyte powder mix:


Who doesn't love the word instant? When you need something, you need it in an instant. So if you are working out, running, walking around in the heat of the day, partaking in adult beverages, or just in need of a boost of hydration, you've got it! In your bag, in your purse, in the pocket of your shorts, or in your car. You have access to hydration in an instant.

Having access to an oral hydration solution when you absolutely need it is essential to staying hydrated. Staying well-hydrated staves off dehydration, which isn't good for your body and makes you feel really awful. Having access to an instant electrolyte drink will also decrease the likelihood of settling for a sub-par sports drink filled with sugar and processed electrolytes and minerals.


Portability is essential to regular use. If you don't have it with you, then you won't use it. Electrolyte Powder Mix is the most portable way to ensure that you get the electrolytes you need right when you need them. Both adults and children need regular, consistent hydration, and the most effective way to get it is to have it with you at all times.

Carrying a refillable water bottle is portable, carrying a 24 pack of good quality spring water is not. One refillable water bottle and 24 servings of electrolyte powder mix is as portable as it gets. If you need it, you've got it.


HYDRATE is available in a package of 22 single-serving size packets or a 55 serving resealable zip-locked bag. Both are lightweight and compact and fit right inside your bag, pocket, or purse. Using a refillable bottle or a high quality bottled water, all you have to do is add a packet or a scoop, and you have electrolyte water.

It's great-tasting and good for your body. The convenience of having it with you all the time will encourage you to drink more water and get electrolytes as well.


Filling multiple containers is a great way to save time, money and ensure you have access to healthy hydration. Filling gallon jugs to refill portable water bottles or for drinking at home is not only convenient, but it's good for the planet too! 

It’s also a fantastic solution if you have a few kids or a larger family. 

Unfortunate but true, we live in a grab and go society, and many times the most grabbable foods and drinks aren't always the most healthy. Nor are they always packaged in a way that is good for the planet. Improve your health and hydration while looking out for our planet's welfare—what a great reason to use a powdered electrolyte mix.


HYDRATE packages come in various sizes small to large and they come in resealable packaging. You can carry it with you to your child's game or to your fitness workout and refill your water container. You can take it with you on long hikes and when you refill your hydropack with stream water just add your electrolyte mix. 

HYDRATE is available on a subscription basis so that it will be shipped to you regularly based on your needs. What's better than that? You get a discount if you subscribe!

There are certain things that you always seem to run out of, and they are always on your grocery list. Your hydration drinks shouldn't be one of them.


Another great benefit of the electrolyte powder mix is there is no need for refrigeration. That is invaluable at the beach or the playground with your kids without a cooler. There is no need to worry about anything getting spoiled if it doesn't need to be chilled.

Whether you are sweating from exertion or just being out in the heat, your body loses essential electrolytes. Grab a high quality bottled water, and you have instant hydration for everyone that tastes great and doesn't have to be in a cooler.


If you have kids, you know how challenging it can be to get them to drink water. Add a scoop of HYDRATE electrolyte powder to their water, and voila, you have a homemade lemonade taste they will love to drink.

At home or out in the heat, getting your kids to drink more water is a big win. Their little bodies need to be kept hydrated for optimal health.


One of the problems with small pre-packed powder like electrolyte stick packs is that you’re stuck with that exact ratio to water. Having the ability to mix your HYDRATE electrolyte drink powder allows you to mix it to your taste or your kids' tastes. Everyone is different; some people just like a hint of flavor to their water, while others don't like water at all and want to mask the taste as much as possible. With an electrolyte powder mix, you control the amount of flavor.


With airport security regulations it’s becoming more challenging to take bottled drinks with you when you travel, whether it’s in a checked bag or carry-on, and every bottle is added weight. With HYDRATE electrolyte powder resealable packages you can take small size in your carry-on and add it to your water during your flight and you can pack the larger resealable packages in your luggage to use at your destination. It’s the perfect solution!


One 55 serving packet of HYDRATE and a refillable water bottle keeps 20-50 plastic bottles out of our landfills. That is a huge benefit. Just think of the positive impact we could have on the environment if we all made that one simple change.

Hydration for us, a healthier planet for the future, everyone wins.


There are many benefits of using an electrolyte powder mix. Convenience, of course, is the most obvious one. In most cases, products made to make our life easier and more convenient harm the planet. However, that is not the case with HYDRATE.

By subscribing to HYDRATE and having it shipped regularly, we reduce trips to the grocery store, which decreases our carbon footprint. Using one 55 serving bag of HYDRATE, we decrease the number of plastic bottles that we use by 20-50. That's a lot of plastic.

Provide your family with the gift of high-quality HYDRATION powder mix to keep them happy, hydrated, and healthy. Provide the planet with the gift of life through decreased carbon emissions and less plastic in our oceans and landfills. HYDRATION has it all!