Just like vitamins, minerals help your body develop and grow, as well as about a billion other things. Literally a billion! There are two main types of minerals that benefit our bodies and we need them both, Macro and Trace. Minerals help to make hormones, help to maintain a normal heartbeat, and even aid in digestion. The primary benefit of Electrolytes is that it prevents dehydration and makes you feel GOOD. They do not give you a sugary energy boost like you’d get from an energy drink, (thankful for that) but if you’ve ever been dehydrated you know that sluggish feeling I am talking about. It’s not fun! Hydration is so important.

Since our bodies do not make minerals or electrolytes, we need to get them from our diet. They come from the soil, our food, great spring water, and natural salt. They come from nature! Commercial/GMO farming has stripped the natural minerals from our soil. Bottled, purified, RO water filters out natural minerals, so we need them more than ever.



This is where we get our wonderful, tart flavor from; actual organic lemons. It’s our first ingredient and It’s loaded with Vitamin C and an epic way to get REAL flavor. Most other products use “lemon flavoring” and when you taste flavorings you will notice it just doesn’t have a REAL taste. Even “organic lemon flavoring” tastes processed to us. Why? Because it is! 


Magnesium and other trace minerals from a pristine part of the ocean in Iceland. Benefits of Magnesium is that it can help with headaches, aids in digestion and has a calming effect on the body that can even help you sleep. This is also a key electrolyte.


It’s nature at its best. But let’s be honest, sometimes coconut water in a bottle doesn’t taste that great. The dried powder we use has a neutral taste and doesn’t have that thick mouthfeel. A benefit of Coconut Water is that it's truly a natural hydrator! I mean just look at where coconuts are grown, in super-hot climates……nature knows what it’s doing! Coconuts are loaded with potassium as well as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. More key electrolytes.


Extracts from stevia leaves have been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. There is some hot debate about this topic but we fully believe in nature! However, all stevia is not created equal! Organic Stevia is water processed, think of steeping tea vs using chemical solvents to extract the sweet properties. When you use the right stevia, process it naturally and don’t use too much it is a wonderful way to get some sweetness without the negative impact that sugar has on the body.


Sustainably harvested, it’s one of the earth's most pristine and untouched sources of salt. When Himalayan salt dissolves in water, it results in a concentration of 84 trace minerals. Pretty awesome right? The main sports drinks only give you 3-4 electrolytes and forget about the trace minerals. Himalayan salt has huge electrolyte benefits.

But you heard salt was bad for you right? Well, some salt is. Table salt contains ONE mineral, sodium chloride, and it’s highly processed, sometimes bleached and has anti-caking agents added so it flows nicely from the bottle. No Bueno. Himalayan salt contains electrolytes naturally as well as trace minerals that help nourish cells in your body. It helps support thyroid and adrenal function, overall hormone balance, healthy metabolism and helps to make stomach acid, which aids digestion. Pretty awesome stuff! 

We think you are worth your weight in Himalayan salt.


Ascorbic acid is made from corn and is a natural preservative that also boosts vitamin C levels. You have to be careful to source from Non-GMO corn. We do!

How do we get these essential electrolytes into our bodies so we can FEEL GOOD on a regular basis? 

By drinking HYDRATE every day! Electrolytes are essential for staying hydrated. Your body needs electrolytes to stay hydrated, because hydration is vital for our overall health. Electrolytes and minerals are responsible for thousands of processes in our bodies. Our bodies rely on minerals to function properly. 

When you are low on electrolytes, you will feel dehydration, which results in brain fog, lethargy, and constipation, which NO ONE wants to feel. HYDRATE is the most natural, certified, organic, real food-based, and low in sugar electrolyte drink available. And the best part is that OUR electrolyte powder tastes AMAZING!

Everyone needs the benefits ELECTROLYTES provide our bodies…

  • Adults/Elders - We all need these electrolytes, because we need to stay healthy and strong.
  • Diabetics - with only 1g of organic lemon sugar our electrolyte powder is perfect for them. Most electrolyte powders have artificial sweeteners, like sucralose, which is no bueno. Since Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, HYDRATE electrolytes and minerals will help keep their immune system strong!
  • Kids - Our electrolyte is great for kids, because it is low in sugar, organic, and real. Their bodies are always growing, so they need these electrolytes.
  • Pregnant Women and Moms - Electrolytes help put the GOOD stuff back into pregnant women who are experiencing morning sickness. The electrolytes help replenish the essential nutrients the body needs for both the Mom and the baby. 

Not sure when to HYDRATE yourself...Here are some suggestions:

  • When you are starting your day
  • If you’re feeling sick
  • When you travel
  • If you’re living, playing or visiting high altitudes
  • When you’re pregnant or nursing. Hydration is a lifesaver for morning sickness
  • Sip while you’re having fun in the sun
  • Night or day drinking...don’t worry….. we don’t judge… 

Follow these simple tips below to make HYDRATE on the go...

  • Fill your reusable water bottle ¼ of the way with water
  • Add powder and shake, shake, shake - this is real food people, so shake it like you mean it! 
  • Once dissolved, top off with cold water.

To live our best lives healthy and strong we need to take care of our bodies DAILY! Making sure that we have the best, real, and organic minerals and electrolytes on a daily basis, we can feel GOOD. HYDRATE is the best and easiest way to do this! Drink up people!