We all know the importance of good hydration, but exactly how much water should you be drinking?

Appropriate water intake varies based on age, gender, body type, and lifestyle. Generally speaking, adults should be consuming the equivalent of at least 64 ounces of water per day. A percentage of that will come from the foods we eat, but it is up to us to make up for the rest by keeping a constant flow of water coming in to replenish what is lost during our daily activities. That’s still quite a lot of water!


These days we know so much more about the importance of hydration than we have in the past, it is common for adults to track their daily water intake once they find out just how much water they should consume each day. They’ll use mobile apps, set reminder alarms on their smartphone, or even purchase a big water jug with time slots on the side to hit certain intake goals by a certain time of the day. That’s a pretty stressful way to maintain your hydration!

Most adults aren’t drinking enough water because water has no flavor. Simply put, they find it bland or too boring to enjoy. Most people would much prefer a drink that has more flavor like soda, tea, coffee, or juice. The problem is that these other beverages are usually loaded with sugar or caffeine. Caffeine often has a diuretic effect and can actually contribute further to dehydration.


If you’ve ever forced yourself to drink tons of water all day in the name of hydration, you’ve probably also looked into a water flavor enhancer to make the experience a little more exciting or enjoyable. We’ve all seen tons of them in the grocery store made by big-name brands that most of us are familiar with. 




While most water enhancers and water flavors are usually a better alternative to bottled soda, tea, or juice, their ingredients are still pretty questionable. Many people are attracted by the labels touting “low calorie” without realizing that the alternatives are not much better. Most low calorie water enhancers include potentially harmful artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. Other potentially harmful ingredients include a multitude of artificial colors and preservatives. Studies have shown that these ingredients are not healthy for long term consumption. 


Many companies that produce water enhancers use marketing strategies to entice consumers who are health-conscious. They claim to help you increase your water intake with great flavor, while also providing a boost in energy. This, however, is almost always a false claim. The same vitamins that these products contain are vitamins that most of us get plenty of through our regular diet. Either way, these products do not contain enough of the vitamins to produce any noticeable results.


Most water enhancers are simply enhancing the flavor to make it easier to drink larger quantities of water. Their ingredients do not provide any more hydration than you would get with just some plain, filtered water. You may be getting more flavor in your water, and the ingredients they contain do more harm and no good.

So if most commercial water enhancers aren’t a good alternative to plain water, what’s the best way to get your recommended water intake while also really giving your body a boost in hydration?


With GOODONYA HYDRATE mineral and electrolyte powder, you don’t have to worry about tracking your water intake with alarms, reminders, or fancy water jugs. 

HYDRATE is so delicious that you’ll be happy to keep drinking it all day long!

The best part about HYDRATE is that it turns a lackluster bottle of water into a tasty, healthy alternative to other water enhancing beverages that are loaded with sugar, dyes, and other harmful additives or artificial sweeteners. HYDRATE is made with dehydrated lemon juice and has only 1g of natural sugar. It is made with truly natural, organic ingredients that are actually good for you. Who says that great tasting, flavored water has to be potentially dangerous to your health?

 If you love a refreshing glass of lemonade, then you’ll love the natural lemon taste of HYDRATE. This is also a great option for kids who would much prefer a sweet-tasting drink instead of just a bottle of plain water. Add HYDRATE to encourage them to drink more and stay hydrated, while avoiding all the yucky stuff that comes with other water enhancers.

Since this electrolyte drink has such a great taste, you won’t have to track your water intake all day, or force yourself to drink so much of something you don’t actually enjoy.

HYDRATE is also a great option if you are wondering how to hydrate quickly. It comes in individual serving sized packets that can be used anytime, anywhere. The only ingredients in HYDRATE are:

  • Dehydrated lemon juice
  • Organic coconut water
  • Organic stevia
  • Magnesium
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Vitamin C

These are all natural ingredients that truly enhance your water with essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Absolutely no processed ingredients, artificial dyes, sweeteners, or preservatives.

The best part is that even with such natural ingredients and no preservatives, HYDRATE doesn’t need any special care or refrigeration. The individual serving packets make it easy to keep it on hand, or you can even make large batches to keep pre-made at home.

However you choose to drink it,  HYDRATE is what you are looking for in a safe, convenient way to hydrate quickly and effectively anytime. No more tracking your water intake or wondering how much you should be drinking. With such great flavors and feel-good ingredients, HYDRATE makes it easy to stay hydrated all day long.


Whether you are obsessed with your water intake or you are simply trying to drink more water because you know you need to, plain, filtered water can be difficult to enjoy when you’re forcing yourself to drink so much of it all day long. It’s better to stay away from poisonous water enhancers that are bad for your body and choose something healthy and that tastes good..