Hydration and electrolyte drinks have a much more important job to do than simply quenching your thirst. There is a science behind what goes into making a hydration drink, and each ingredient plays a role in replacing depleted electrolytes and providing your body with vital hydration.  

Over the counter, sports drinks and electrolyte powder mixes often have artificial colors and ingredients that make them unhealthy to give to your family. Aside from that, the electrolytes and minerals that they contain are over-processed, which leaves you wondering how effective they actually are. 

There are a few other options, though. Making your homemade electrolyte drink is one of them, though not the most convenient if you have a house full of budding athletes or kids. 

Here are the ingredients for making an electrolyte drink at home, and we will take a look at the importance of each ingredient in the hydration process. 

  1. ¼ tsp finely ground pink Himalayan salt
  2. ¼ cup real fruit juice (citrus, berry, or pomegranate)
  3. 1 cup unsweetened pure coconut water
  4. A couple drops Stevia or 1 tsp of Raw Honey 
  5. Cold spring water to taste


Mix all ingredients well in a water bottle or small pitcher and refrigerate before using. 




Salt or sodium is a vital ingredient in a hydration drink. The salt in your body causes the osmotic pressure inside and outside of a cell to change. It basically makes the walls of the cell more able to be penetrated by water. Water can get into the cell for hydration and then get out of the cell to carry away waste products. It’s crucial to choose natural salts vs table salt. Any of the worlds good salts contains dozens of trace minerals along with the sodium chloride. Most sports drinks just use table salt. 

When you are exercising or working hard in the heat, you lose salt through your sweat. If you lose too much salt and it is not replaced, your cells can no longer take in water or carry away waste products. As you might imagine, that is not good for your body.

Hydration drinks replace the salt and the water that your body needs to complete this process.


Real fruit juice provides a hearty boost of flavor and vitamin C. However, it adds a boost of sugar too. So if you have diabetes, you may need to explore other flavoring options to decrease the amount of sugar.*

*It was once believed that sugar was necessary in hydration drinks because sugar or glucose is responsible for transporting sodium to your cells for hydration. Sodium, however, is not the only method of transportation for sodium. For more information on this, see our blog post on No Sugar Hydration Sports Drinks.


Coconut water is nature's purest form of hydration. In its original state, coconut water provides one of the purest forms of potassium. Potassium is a crucial mineral in the hydration process.

Fluid balance is primarily regulated by sodium and potassium.


Both Stevia and Agave Nectar are natural sugar alternatives that are derived from plants. Unlike other sugar alternatives that are created in a laboratory using chemicals, these two sweeteners are provided by nature. Unless you have an allergy to Stevia or honey, they are highly unlikely to cause any adverse side effects.

Both are extremely sweet, much sweeter than sugar so use caution when adding these to your hydration drink as you don’t want it to be too sweet. 


Water provides natural hydration and is sufficient to rehydrate under most normal circumstances. Our bodies comprise about 60% water, so we must drink plenty of water each day for our bodies to function correctly.

Yet, if you are rapidly losing electrolytes due to vomiting and diarrhea or heavy exertion, then water alone won’t do the trick.

So there you have it—a recipe for a hydration electrolyte drink. I was so frustrated as an athlete with the drinks they gave us, I created the most natural, best tasting Electrolyte + Mineral drink in the universe. So when you do not have time to make one, or want an easily solution for on the go, we are here for you. 



HYDRATE is a ready-made electrolyte mix that you simply add to a bottle of high-quality spring water. It’s portable and made with the finest most whole ingredients on the planet. Just toss it in your bag on the way to work, school, or practice, and you will always have access to the healthiest of hydration drinks.

It has a light lemonade flavor that you can drink daily to increase your water intake and keep yourself hydrated. It tastes like real lemonade because we use…… real lemons vs lemon flavoring. You won’t believe the taste! 

HYDRATE is made with:

  • Organic lemon juice for vitamin C and Flavor
  • Himalayan Pink Salt for sodium +80 trace minerals
  • Organic coconut water for potassium and hydration
  • Aquamin Magnesium for electrolytes and trace minerals
  • Ascorbic Acid a vital source of antioxidants for immunity
  • Organic stevia for a touch of natural sweetness without the harmful effects of sugar. 

Made with only the purest, whole food electrolytes and minerals, you can be confident that you are providing your family with only the best ingredients for rehydration and preventing dehydration.

Wrap Up

Making a homemade electrolyte hydration drink is one option for keeping your family hydrated. Just be sure to keep an eye on the sugar content of the fruit juice you are adding. When you are thirsty and drinking a lot for hydration, sugar can be hard to regulate and adds up quickly.

Be sure to keep in mind the importance of each ingredient as each one plays a unique roll in hydration. Leaving out one element could turn an electrolyte replacement drink into just a drink. This is fine if you are thirsty, but counting on it to replace lost electrolytes has to be an exact solution.

Keeping a pitcher full in the refrigerator will help keep you and your family hydrated daily or able to fill a water bottle to take on the go for sports practice or other outdoor activities. At the very least, keep all the ingredients on hand so that you can whip up a quick batch as the need arises.

Suppose you decide that making a homemade electrolyte replacement solution gets too labor-intensive, give HYDRATE a try. It’s a high-quality solution for hydration and increasing fluid intake that your family will love.