Purest electrolyte powder on the market. 

  • Certified Organic 
  • 1g Sugar 
  • Amazing Taste  
Travel Pack - 20 Servings ($1.45/serving)Bulk Pack - 42 Servings ($1.17/serving)Day Pack - 6 Servings ($1.66/serving)

HYDRATE is one of the only Certified Organic electrolyte powders in existence. 

Our real food ingredients taste amazing, like light, fresh lemonade - and only 1g of sugar.

Made without any so called "natural" flavors, our organic juice combined with some of the best minerals on earth is magic.   

We are also all the things.......non-gmo, gluten free, plant-based and hangover/paleo/keto/diabetic and kid friendly.



  •     FOR HYDRATION   
  •            FOR TASTE           


Organic coconut water powder delivers whole food potassium and tons of other minerals without the sugar and thick mouth feel of bottled coconut water. The bottles shockingly have about 28g/sugar in 16oz; making coconut water hard to consume daily. 


Our Himalayan Pink Salt is extremely pure. Sourced from inside the caves in Pakistan, it remains untouched by contaminants. This is natures answer to real food sodium. Sodium is vital for life, but it has to be natural. Our whole food source of sodium comes with 70-80 other minerals naturally attached to it - a true wonder of this planet. 


Sourced from seawater off the coast of Ireland, magnesium is a macro mineral we need everyday. Aids in digestion, feeling calm and sleep. Our magnesium has 72 other trace minerals and is one of the highest quality on the market. 


Why are we the best tasting brand? 
We use real, organic dried lemon juice. Other brands use so called “natural” flavorings. Flavorings are over-powerful, taste fake and are far from natural. You will love the taste of HYDRATE, and so will the kiddos. 

Stevia is tricky; an herb 200x sweeter than sugar, it's one of natures wonders. We’ve been working with stevia for years and have mastered the  perfect amount of sweetness. 

We also use the right kind with zero aftertaste. Most brands use way too much and then combine it with monk fruit to cover the taste. Which only makes things sickeningly sweet. Couple that with their fake flavorings -  this is why our drink tastes so GOOD!

PRO TIP Never use stevia that isn't organic, like ever! It's treated with chemical solvents and combined with fillers. 

Certified Organic products must use natural vitamin C (ascorbic acid). If a brand is not certified the ascorbic acid could be synthetic. Also, ascorbic acid is different from citric acid. Ascorbic acid has more antioxidants and contains vitamin C, citric acid is manmade and does not. 


30 calories127 calories120 calories50 calories
1g sugar26g added sugar28g sugar11g added sugar
80+ electrolytes + minerals certified organicartificial everythingtoo much sugar to drink dailyusually not organic uses flavorings
*Based on 16oz serving

water alone isn't enough  

you need an electrolyte powder in your life

Dehydration is as serious as life and death. But even being a little dehydrated is annoying. It results in things like brain fog, lethargy, and constipation. 

To make it worse, water is super boring right!? We try so hard to drink enough every day and the kicker is....filtered/RO/tap/purified water is void of minerals and can actually flush out the minerals and electrolytes in your body; making it worse.  Ugh!  

Our bodies do not make minerals so we need to get them from our diet, and we need them daily. But the last thing you want is unnatural levels of processed minerals, like sodium chloride, found in most other electrolyte products. The key to staying hydrated is a daily, consistent habit of consuming natural levels of minerals and electrolytes. 

This is what truly sets our product apart. We do not fall pray to the marketing of "how much" or "how many" minerals and electrolytes we have in our bag, we choose what nature gives us. With minerals and electrolytes it's about quality over quantity all day long! 

• choose spring water vs filtered

• add in HYDRATE a few times a day 

• use a good quality salt on your food 

• eat organic food and drinks as much as possible (they contain more vitamins and minerals) 

HYDRATE has been a game changer for thousands

★★★★★ 5/5 rating
A product I now can't live without.

Being a busy working mom, leading an active lifestyle, HYDRATE has been amazing for me. 1) I drink more, which in turn has so many positive benefits, most noticed for me are more energy, clearer skin and getting sick less. 

2) My kids LOVE it. 

3) Knowing the ingredients are as pure as it gets, puts my mind at ease that I can drink as much as I want knowing it is so good for me including only 1g sugar per glass. I use it daily. Taste amazing.

Definitely a game changer!

Ashely L. 

★★★★★ 5/5 rating
Best Electrolyte Powder on the Market!

This is the best electrolyte power out there.

Super clean ingredients and tastes great! As a holistic health coach, quality and function are very important to me. I've tried other brands and either the ingredients are questionable or they don't taste good.

They pay attention to the details. They care about sourcing the cleanest ingredients and making sure everything is organic and of the highest quality.

And it tastes amazing!

J. Broyles

★★★★★ 5/5 rating
Our favorite drink!

GOODONYA HYDRATE is the cleanest sports drink we have found! We lvoe that it comes in a powder: it is easy to travel with, it hasn't been sitting in a plastic bottle for months on end, there are no plastic bottles to recycle or go to the dump, we can add our own filtered water. It taste declisious. It hydrates. Our boys love it! They take a bottle to school + a bottle to golf every day. For tournaments in the summer, they take 3 bottles of Hydrate. And no one realizes it is low in sugar. The taste is so good. Organic too! We love GOODONYA HYDRATE!

Meredith G. 



This is absolutely the gold standard to stay hydrated during pregnancy; and if you breastfeed.  Not only are you helping your body stay hydrated but your nourishing your immune system with some of the best minerals on this planet. 


 We have 1g/sugar and 7 carbs.

 So if you can handle that, our pure minerals + electrolytes will help you stay hydrated. 

If your kid loves lemonade this is a dream drink. Organic, 1g of sugar and they will love the taste. Finally a drink you both will love! 


We don't......but.........if you think you don't like the taste...... check this out:

We use .01g in an 8g serving and the taste to most is undetectable. The amount and the type of stevia is key. It's 200x sweeter than sugar and most brands use way too much. More is not better when it comes to stevia. We've perfected it after years of trial and error. We also use the right kind and it's certified organic.  There is absolutely no aftertaste. However, that said, you could be a "hyper taster", it's like a superhero quality!  

You know who you are. Since stevia is a natural herb, some people do have an allergy to it similar to seasonal allergies. 


 I formulated HYDRATE with natural amounts of very high quality minerals. We kept them in the ratio that nature created. We do not add high amounts of minerals like sodium chloride (table salt) like other powders and sports drinks. This means you can sip on it all day long. A few servings a day is a great place to start. 

If you do any of the activities in the graphic above, add in some more.

If you take a magnesium citrate supplement you might be able to save some money and use HYDRATE instead. Too much magnesium citrate can cause loose stool. So keep an eye on that one as you incorporate HYDRATE into your daily routine. 

I have been drinking about 6 tbsp/day for years and feel great. 

🧡  Kris Buchanan - C.N.C, OLY - founder GOODONYA 


On the back of the bag we have a graphic that shows you one way. But if your bottle is really big, like 32oz, there is a lot of space inside and it will take a lot of movement to get the powder to knock around and dissolve. Also, if you buy a bottle of water, take a sip out, and pour the powder in, there isn't enough space for it to break down either. But with both of the above options it will work, it just takes longer. 

• The easiest way is to use a handheld milk frother when making it by the glass/bottle. I add the powder to a small glass jar, fill the jar 1/3 with water, and it blends up in seconds. I prep 2x 32oz bottles every morning and drink those throughout the day. My recipe is 3 tablespoons for 32oz, so I like it a little strong. The recipe on the bag calls for 1 tablespoon for 16oz. 

• A regular blender works great for making a pitcher for the fridge. 

• Once mixed make sure to keep in the fridge or in your insulated bottle. It will last 12-24 hours in your insulated bottle and weeks in the fridge. If you let it sit for a few days, give it a stir again before enjoying. 

One thing I love about HYDRATE so much is that it tastes great at all different levels. So play around with the ratio of water to powder and find your happy place. 


I add in our collagen peptides to my HYDRATE. It blends up perfectly with the milk frother and it's the easiest way for me to get collagen into my diet.  🧡  Kris 

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